Swamp Sounds / Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods

Released into the world via Bearsuit Records, I have heard the Dundee based "Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods" output before, but not until this have I heard the work of Nagoya based musician "Swamp Sounds" (after hearing this split I am curious to explore their solo creations...)
Tracks 1-5 are by Swamp Sounds, as 6-10 are by Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods.

Opening track 'Marionette' immediately drags you into the well organized chaos of genre collisions that represents the sound of Swamp Sounds.
Switching between catchy pop and 90's dance music sounds, and the more aggressive industrial percussion with jazzy/experimental noise, it's a hell of a ride, prepping your brain for the rest of the album.
As a fan of eclectic genre defying works, this is totally my cup of tea!

Jazzy ambient piano swells clash with harsh industrial beats, techno leads and glitchy breakdowns.

Uncle Pops & the Dumbloods 1st entry on this release opens with a relatively chilled out flute or recorder lead and electronic beat, then ramps up the attitude with a blast of heavy guitar and stomping drums, before heading to the chilled out conclusion. If you hadn't already heard of them, this track is a perfect example as to how Uncle Pops & the Dumbloods is a perfect fit for a split release with Swamp Sounds. Both cutting and pasting styles and genres together without a thought to the at times boring conventions of sticking with one sound palette, yet it all blends together perfectly.

Flowing between lazy sunday vibes and middle of the moshpit feels. I can recommend Uncle Pops & the Dumbloods for those who need something more experimental in their ears, yet that still has some damn fine memorable melodies.

“Swamp Sounds / Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods” is a fantastic collection of audial mood-swings. Adhering nicely to the notion that there are no true limits to what can be placed together musically, except the limits the artist is either trapped by or conforming to.

If you want a good quality and entirely open genre offering to explore, this is currently top of my suggestion list!

“Swamp Sounds / Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods” Is available now from all the usual music media (Itunes, Amazon, etc) and also my favoured platform of Bandcamp, on which there are two Bandcamp exclusive bonus tracks! (well worth it! ;) )

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