Flavolous - Aberrations EP

Image rights Flavolous2018
Saturnian, opens up in resemblance of a blossoming flower catching first rays of the morning sun.
Galactic sounding pads and intermittent percussive grindings like alien radio chatter.
Communicating with themselves, but what about?
Do they know we are listening?
Euphoric chords glide along with a dirge-y bass movement, until the final moments.
Where distant percussive breakdowns add some chaotic interference.
The alien chatter, much like the synths, fading out.

Glitching and mutating itself into existence Aberation II, crawls into your ears to get you moving.
Punky tempo and driven by the head nodding drums, it feels it finishes too soon…
Fizzling out like a dying firework…
Leaving you wanting more.
Which is good, because then we move to Aberation itself.

A downtempo plodding beat and drunken alien synth garblings, warp along in a post-club stupor, Great wonky electronic and stomping beats pick up as the track progresses.

Glitchy, epic, electronic, with an experimental vibe.
Happy to let my neurons and synapses be overtaken by these alien sounds.

I look forward to catching a 30+ minute release of this guys asap.
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