#Weatnu Records YEAR ONE compilation Tracks 17 to 32

Continuing on with the sonic journey...

Tracks 17 to 32
As though filtering the sounds of the cosmos into music Bleepeater's offering 'Empty Vortex' is some fantastically spaced out ambient, being followed by Blueonsilver's track, 'pinkonblue'.
Pinkonblue, is delightfully playful, bouncy rhythmic ethnic leads getting taken over by techno percussive sounds and trancey leads, the track skips along in pace, pleasantly playful and noisy!
A very dancey track from Jazzycat, house chord progressions with rock guitars and smooth jazzy moments, 'Automatic' is a wonderfully chilled out piece that captures the essence of Jazzycat as best as possible in one track.

Sea Mountains (featuring Derek Blaskie) 'plasma waves' is an adventure into indie electro-rock sounding funkiness, and has an attitude and feel very much its own. (I love the drumming on this!)
Roofy gives us 'look how far we've come' an electro-rock commentary on what can be accomplished when you don't give in, Roofy's unique vocals give the song a punky/hip-hop sort of attitude.
More known as a drum and bass producer Bufinjer has put out a fantastic track for this compilation, 'celestial' has awesome idm vibe, and comes across as pretty experimental and mysterious in feel, the ethnic sounding percussion is very tribal.

Kicking in with industrial dancefloor fodder we get CRBNIZED 'learning to fly' a solid track excellent minimalist overdriven echoing leads, stomping beat and distorted vocals.
Crest of the Syndicate are at track 24, with 'osprey' a tranquil beat driven ambient piece, delightful sound pallette at work here, strange squelching, choral pads? and chiming melodies.
More electro-rock from Comfort Within Noise, with an experimental vibe, moody and head nodding inducing, love the lead guitar when it kicks in! Attitude, this track has it!

Devilsclub 'voce di strega (live)' is glitchy, beat driven idm, damn noisy synth bleepiness :)
Leading onto, Digibilly, bringing the drum&bass noise with 'We Are The New Underground' solid beats, distorted vocals and gloriously heavy bass, another on the list of head nodding tracks. #Weatnu "we rise..."
Dajoka's 'True (original mix)' has laidback glitchy beats. A trippy vibe flows through this dubby, bass heavy joy, ending in a delightfully unexpected manner.
Continuing on tracks with heavy drums, Digital Slumber Party's 'chasing mirrors (feat Chanel C Corpuz)' awesome melodies, beats and light, nicely verbed vox pull this dancefloor track along solidly.

A break from beats for the intro of Dysfonic's 'Warning (instrumental)'. Heavy string sections bring a moody edge back. When the beats and digital noise hit in again, its for an awesome soundtrack like journey. The almost prog rock synth lines are aces!
Flowing nicely on from 'warning', we get En Snares 'BLACK DEVICE RED LED' old school nineties vibes, mix with more contemporary noise and explorative sequences. 
Ending this posting of tracks with one of the more harsh industrial sounding ones.
Track 32, Bedtime for Robots 'Don't You Scream' dancefloor stomping, with a hihat that sounds like a knife slicing through the air alike Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho shower scene… Overdriven, bleeping basslines and a solid kick drive this beast along.

Next posting... soonish, enjoy the music. - Jessica Pink.

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Roofy = @roofyxxx
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CRBNIZED = @_carbonish
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Devilsclub = @horridus_op
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Dysfonic = @Dysfonic
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Bedtime for Robots = @mferentino

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