I've been dragging on droobles if you know what I mean,
too much gaffing on the cables, senorita supreme.
Lashing on the stations, drinking up the keens.
Got an eye for the details, if you know what I mean…

Kicking up the skyside, full of lack and somewhat funning.
Got a mean smile, so shamelessly gunning,
at the drabs and the havenots, people of my level.
At the Trinkets with their blingers, those of empathy dishevelled.

I RIDE!!!!
Missed up and confuciusing.
This is my temple, here is the steeple,
go crying to mummy, if you can't push the freakture.

I've been dragging on droobles, chewing on loaves.
Got to get up, got to bring it in on remote.
Kow to the lesser man, lip up to the preebles.
besuited, behooved, blundering leechables.

Kicking up the skyside, drinking up the keens.
Got an eye for the details, if you know what I mean…

by Jessica Pink


  1. I really am discerning regarding what sort of poetry I like, Jessica. This is really fabulous; I always love the use of word-pairings, in particular words with the same first 1 or 2 letters, such as dragging & droobles or senorita & supreme; and the use of assonance to get a subtle rhyme out of some of the last words. The art I like is that which has a specific meaning to the artist, but which has to be interpreted by anyone else. Peace, R.

    1. aces, cheers and thanks.
      a vaguely directed stream of consciousness.
      I appreciate the breakdown/analysis.
      It is nice to read/hear how others interpret ones own words and exposed thoughts. =)
      Be well. =)


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