Behind the Blog Name.

Hangsally is the name of a character/muse that resides in the messy jumble of my mind...
After deciding to start a blog to share my little rants and ideas, I hit the ever annoying problem of what to call it.
Names and the meaning/imagery they convey always feel important to me and I spent a good few moments stuck with nothing coming to me. Then my little scarecrow person came into my mental perception and I thought, yeah, this'll do for inspiration.
This is her story.
Sally was a scarecrow. She'd spent many a season watching over the cabbages in the farmers field.
It was fun for the first decade, clothes and straw rustling in the wind, scaring away the birds, then being put in the barn with the others for the darker seasons.
One year, after the farmer had sown his new crop. Sally tore herself off her post in the field and stumbled towards the farmhouse, her gait gaining strength and balance as she progressed through the evening air.
Upon reaching the door, Sally hears the family talking about their day, and peeking through the little doors window sees them all sat around a table as the farmers wife is serving their meal.
Fumbling with her straw hands she manages to turn the handle and open the door. Walking in, to the shocked expressions of the farmer and his family, she turns to face the paling man and say in a rather eloquent voice "I quit... I have spent many years looking after your fields, but am now rather bored and leaving. Good evening" and with that said she turns and walks out the door.
After strolling along a road for a good while, enjoying the clear night sky. She gets to a crossroads and seats herself on the thick root of a tree to look at the night sky.
Drawing her attention away from the stars, a commotion and flicker of fiery torchlight approaches. Staying sat down she watches with curiousity as most of the villages adults, including the farmer at the head of the crowd, walk towards her.
"Witch!" the farmer shouts, "what manner of spell have you cast, taking the form of my scarecrow!"
Bemused by this remark Sally gets up laughing, "I'm just your scarecrow you silly man. I just left because I was bored, I am not a witch" At this point the crowd starts shouting "hang the witch!" Some of the villagers at the rear of the crowd come forward bearing an 'L' frame gallows, others grab the straw girl scarecrow holding her as she tries to get away.
They put the noose around her neck and lynch her. After a few moments swaying in the breeze sally speaks up... "Is this it? I already said I'm a scarecrow. not a witch..." The clearly confused audience is in shocked silence for a moment, after all, they'd hung the witch... Clearly it wasn't a scarecrow, scarecrows can't talk, can they?
After milling around for a bit, with odd people deciding to leave the scene, the remaining majority of the villagers decide to not come this way again else the witch curse them, then head back to the village, leaving a still protesting Sally hanging on the gallows at the crossroads.
The next day after struggling to get free of the noose the frustrated scarecrow ponders her predicament... She isn't in the fields anymore and, as the sun rises in the morning, she has to admit it is a nice view.
Many weeks later, the first of many travelers come to pause at the crossroads. Startling the occupants of the cart who were a little lost, Sally tells them the road to go down that leads to the nearby village they are trying to get to, in exchange asking them to say hello to the farmer if they pass him. The people thank her and /head off to the village to trade their goods.
Over the passing months and years Sally enjoys brief conversations with many who pass by. It is so much better than standing alone in the cabbage field.
Long decades pass... Less and less people come by, Leaving Sally less people to share her ideas and thoughts with.
Many years of silence and loneliness pass by with only the occasional bird for company, when one day, the noose tears from the years of spinning, swaying and weathering.
The newly freed Sally stumbles around for a bit, getting used to standing again, then decides to walk to the village to find out where everyone has gone.
She finds the empty ruins of the village with no evidence as to where the people may have gone.
Sighing to herself, she proceeds to make a start down the next road. Walking towards the setting sun, to see where the road will take her and wonder what new things she'll find...


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    1. it seems a couple of people do judging by other people I know commenting on links to here from other sites... =)

  2. Cool little read... wishing you and yours a pleasant weekend.

    1. I hope that yours too was a good weekend! Glad you enjoyed the read.


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